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PHP with MySQL Assignment

Dear Students,

Your assignment for next week is simply to implement the list.php file which will display the following list and have a fully capable search function.

How the output should look like

How the output should look like

of course you are more than welcome to try to enhance the looks of the form & in such case you will be rewarded with bonus marks.

Also if you implement a Full Text search that would be awesome and will be rewarded with the most bonus marks :)

please take into your consideration the following points DB name is cdlib and the disc line is formated like this:

* Disc Title: (The real disc title) By (Author) [(category)] – [(year)]

and the disc line is like this:

— Track: (The real track title) [(duration in H:M:S)]

Finally you may download the codes we wrote in class from the link below:

Dec 5th code sample

UPDATE: December 13th, 2010

well, I just wish to say hello & thank you to all those who have decided to give it a shot and go for it but it strikes me that only 5 out of around 60 of you guys did try. I ask God that this is only because of you guys are being lazy not because you have problems in understanding :(

below is the the closest answer to what was required done by one of your colleagues (Mohamed Saber Mahmoud).

Big thanks to Mohammed Saber, Alamir Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz and to the rest who cared enough to try. you may download Mohamed’s code from here: list.zip

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7 Responses

  1. alamir says:

    Thank you Eng Mohammed

  2. JMak says:

    You are very much welcome. Best wishes for all of you :)

  3. eman ali says:

    Thank you very much for all

  4. alamir says:

    please eng mohammed how can we upload the assignment?

  5. JMak says:

    you may send it to my email msmakhlouf@gmail.com

  6. sara says:

    please Eng.Mohammed I need The code we wrote in
    dec 12nd class

  7. JMak says:

    can you plz be a lil more specific what was that code about plz

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