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TRW Assignment 1

Dear students,

First of all I wish you all had a great feast & that you enjoyed it to the fullest.

now fun time is over & here is your assignment which is due this week.

I have attached a .zip file called jmc.zip which contains the text of the article along with the images that are required to be inserted in the article.

your assignment is as follows:

1. download the following file jmc.zip

2.unzip the compressed file & extract its content

3. start a new word document

4. insert text in the word document

5. start formatting, styling & organizing the article using appropriate tools & follow instructions given in the article *

6. review & read your article

7. print it out & take a final look

8. smile :)

 * note that instructions are given between double square brackets like this: [[Instruction to do so & so]]

Good luck :)

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