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6 Month Free of Smoking

I am so glad to announce that it has been six (6) month now since I last quited smoking and that now I enjoy much better health than those days where I used to smoke :) and hopefully I will never go back to smoking again till the end of my days.

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Configure PHP5 with Apache on Windows

Dear Student,

Below is an embedded video of how to install apache and configure php5 to work with it on windows exactly the same way we practiced on last week’s classes. hope this is helpful (it has Arabic instructions).
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Web IS Class on Thursday

Dear Students,

On Thursday the 28th of October we had an additional practice class in which we have tried to build a clean CSS based design for a single web page. Read the rest of this entry »

my first blog post from my BlackBerry

Ok this is not a bad way to post to my blog the app seems ok and has a cool interface

Eleventh of October

Eleventh of October, I Love you, you are the best day of the whole freakin calender. For me today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are the eleventh of October and I refuse to acknowledge otherwise.

October 11th is 72 hours of joy and happy times for me :)

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